Save Children in Yemen

Every month our company donates a part of our revenue to those in need from all over the world.

In July 2020, we decided that we are going to help children affected by the horrible crisis in Yemen.

Five years of relentless war has left a mark on the children of Yemen. Nearly 24 million people – including 12.3 million children, need humanitarian assistance and protection. More than 10 million children don’t have adequate access to healthcare. And two million children are out of school, at risk of exploitation and abuse.

With coronavirus rapidly spreading across the region, the need to stop the war on children has never been as urgent as it is at this moment.

The Challenges for Children in Yemen

The war in Yemen has hit hardest those who are least responsible – children.

Facing violence and with many forced to flee their homes, Yemen’s children are struggling in the face of a national economic crisis, widespread malnutrition, and the grave threat of cholera and other life-threatening diseases.