Our Values

Hi there! My name is Alex.

My story begins back when I was a humble kid with a lot of weird ideas and a burning desire to change the world. Most kids in my small hometown spent their childhood lightheartedly playing around, but...

Not me.

I was sitting aside and dreaming about how I can leave my mark on this planet, and make our beautiful world better. Many years later, I still love to sit alone and dream, between bringing my ideas to life :)

From a teenager, I'm obsessed with making other people's lives better and I honestly believe that every human being's happy life fundamentally based on happy childhood. After spending thousands of hours researching human psychology, neuroscience, and physiology looking for ways to reach my peak potential, I found that the roots of all my weaknesses lead to the childhood. Therefore, a year ago I decided that it's time to help you improve the quality of your family's life.

That's how ZAZAKO was born in 2019.

We live in an era of technologies and innovations, but they can either help us to improve our life or can hurt. I want to give you my whole experience and knowledge in the way of the best innovative solutions from all over the world.

Zazako is about smart parenting, it's about love to our customers and their families, it's about harmless innovations, that will help you to improve the quality of your life.

My team and I work tirelessly to deliver the best solutions from around the world and improve the quality of our service. We are genuinely committed to helping each of our customers bring wellness and happiness to life, today, tomorrow, and days to follow.

P.S. Let's keep in touch!
I will be more than happy to get feedback about your ZAZAKO experience! You can reach me at my email alex@zazako.com. I read and respond to every customer because I do want to hear from you!
Moreover, if you have some suggestions on how we can improve our business or you want to set up a cooperation with ZAZAKO - feel free to get in touch with me.


CEO & Founder, ZAZAKO